Surprise Case Prompts Quarantine Rethinking

COVID-19’s spread on cruise ships is raising tough questions about how to track the disease and what’s the best approach to quarantines.
An American cruise ship passenger—who had passed the presumed 14-day incubation period—tested positive for COVID-19 in Malaysia, leaving authorities scrambling to track passengers after they disembarked in Cambodia, Reuters reports.
Plus, 14 US citizens on another quarantined cruise ship in Japan also tested positive, Reuters reports. They will face another 2 weeks of lockdown in the US, according to the AP.

And yes, the US government can do that, Emory University law professor Polly J. Price writes in The Atlantic. But while China has put over 50 million people on lockdown, America’s extensive authority to quarantine is spread across 2,000+ local health departments, making a cohesive national strategy “complicated if not impossible.”
Speaking of authorities—is the WHO up to the job? The WHO Health Emergencies Program—which is heading up the COVID-19 response—has been dogged by chronic under-funding and allegations of corruption, receiving the highest possible risk rating in recent audits, ABC Australia reports.

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