Trump Stumps at SOTU

 Ahead of President Trump’s State of the Union address last night, voters made it clear that they wanted him to talk health care, according to a poll released toThe Hill.
Here’s what he said on the matter, according to CNBC.
Trump promised to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions—though he has continued to attack the Affordable Care Act, which does just that. Republicans and some Democrats cheered when Trump misleadingly characterized Medicare for All as a “socialist takeover of our health care system.” 

He also pledged to “immediately” sign a bill to lower drug prices. In response, Democrats chanted “HR 3!”—referencing the drug bill passed in the House last year, which the Senate has yet to take up. 

Other lifesaving bills are languishing as well, Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas) said in a damning Spanish-language response to the address, NPR reports. Speaking from a community health clinic in El Paso, she focused on public health and gun violence.

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