WHO Calls for Cash

The WHO's new coronavirus response plan calls for $675 million to support response activities over the next 3 months, CIDRAP reports.
Some donors have already responded. Equatorial Guinea made a $2 million pledge to support China; $100 million from the Gates Foundation includes funds earmarked for Africa.
In a statement, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus noted that while China is the main focus, fighting the outbreak in countries with weaker health systems also poses a major concern.
The 28-page plan calls for ramped-up efforts in 3 focus areas: international coordination; readiness and response; and research and innovations.
Reuters’ latest tally:

  • Cases: 28,000+ in China; 260 outside of China
  • Deaths: 563 in mainland China
  • Countries/regions affected: 31 outside mainland China
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