Is AA the Best Way?

Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s at least as effective as scientifically proven treatments for alcoholism—the most pervasive type of drug addiction in America, Vox reports.
review from Cochrane attributes this success not to AA's 12-steps—but to the group treatment approach in general, which can shift behavior by changing users’ social networks.
Another AA asset: it’s free, and it’s everywhere.
But, as the review points out, AA isn’t for everyone—back in December, Holly Whitaker gave her take on why in The New York Times.
The program structure is built around quelling the white male ego. But for women who drink too much, that could be a dangerous approach.
“I worry that any program that tells us to renounce power that we have never had poses the threat of making us sicker,” Whitaker writes.

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