“Apocalyptic Surge” of COVID-19 Patients Challenge NYC Hospitals

“Team 700” bursts from the loudspeaker multiple times a day at New York’s Elmhurst Hospital Center, according to The New York Times.

It’s code for a patient on the verge of death.

New York City hospitals are seeing an “apocalyptic surge” of COVID-19 patients. 13 people died in 24 hours at Elmhurst. Outside, a refrigerated truck holds the dead.

Doctors and nurses nationwide are facing a lack of masks, gowns and gloves. The dangerous conditions are pushing some health workers to walk away, according to the Washington Post.  

“The part that breaks my heart is that we are sending our doctors and nurses and health care workers into a war without the armor and protection that they need,” Vivek Murthy, former US Surgeon General, tells GHN in an exclusive Q&A. “And we would never think that that was okay to do with our military.”

Murthy shares insights on what hospitals need to be doing now to protect health workers.

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