Attached at the Paw

Your pets have noticed you’ve been home a lot more. Dogs are definitely happy about that. More walkies. 

Cats are too, according to Kristyn Vitale, a cat researcher at Oregon State University: “I think the importance of social interaction in the lives of cats has been underestimated.”

But how to keep things fresh with your feline? VICE suggests:

Try fashioning a “food task” for your cat using empty toilet paper rolls. 
Or: set up your home office near a cat tree, so your feline can peer down imperiously while you toil for their Fancy Feast.
PS: If you think your dog doesn’t notice your newly lax self-care routine—you’re wrong. As Schnauzer guru Pluto advised: “That random chin hair? You shouldn’t let that go unchecked while you’re at home.”

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