“Both Must Be Defeated”

A sweeping UN climate report released yesterday offers a familiar dire forecast for the planet.
But this report addresses a brand new factor—COVID-19—and UN chief António Guterres warned that the outbreak must not distract from the climate change fight. "Both must be defeated," he said, UN News reports.
Still, with relatively little attention, 2020 brought the warmest January on record. Then in February, COVID-19 soaked up the world's attention. Public health protocols were acted upon.
What if climate change was met with such urgency? asks Fast Company.
Imagine: Myriad crackdowns would occur simultaneously. Governments would support renewable energy; the oil and gas industry would suffer—and their employees would receive extra support.  
The difference is political will. “The entrenched power and staying with the status quo is what differentiates climate change from this particular crisis,” says May Boeve of 350.org.

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