China WHO?

A state-sponsored think tank in China is floating the idea of a Beijing-led global health organization to rival the WHO, according to emails seen by Axios.
The move is part of China’s effort to rebrand itself as a global health leader—rather than a pariah—in light of the coronavirus outbreak that originated there and was “initially a disaster” for the country’s image.
Such an agency would lead coordination of coronavirus response efforts, “just like the leadership role of U.S. in W.H.O," explained one email.
The idea is “very interesting,” according to one Israeli nonprofit that the think tank asked for feedback.

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March 9, 2020

Sorry for the doubt, but what evidence do we have indicating this would be a trustworthy source? At this point that would be the last place I would go for information. This feeling is NOT due to any kind of racism or what have you. It is simply based on the fact that this is a totalitarian government with a long history of trying to “save face” before reporting facts.

March 9, 2020

Before any trust can be placed in such a China run organization, I would like to see a total and PERMANENT ban on live animal food markets. We call this SARS-CoV-2 for a reason: it is the second of 2 deadly illnesses unleashed on the world traced to these horrific practices. International deaths based on these practices cannot be tolerated.

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