COVID-19 Proving Deadlier for Men

COVID-19 appears to kill more men than women in many hard-hit countries—mystifying experts.

Nowhere is the gender divide more staggering than Italy, where men account for 60% of cases and 71% of deaths, according to Italy's main public health research agency. And a recent Lancet study found that 80% of Italy’s deaths were among men. In China, men have made up ~64% of deaths.

It’s a pattern seen with coronaviruses, and possibly explained by underlying biological differences, health risks, or behaviors like drinking and smoking.

“The honest truth is that today we don’t know why covid-19 is more severe for men than women or why the magnitude of the difference is greater in Italy than China,” said Sabra Klein of the Johns Hopkins’s Bloomberg School of Public Health. “What we do know is that in addition to older age, being male is a risk factor for severe outcome and the public should be made aware.”

The Washington Post

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Victor Schultz
March 24, 2020

The % of male smokers in both China and Italy is significantly higher than female. It seems obvious though more information is needed. I wonder what % of the younger demographic are vapers and if vaping plays a role with our seeing younger people hospitalized in this country.

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