Ebola Tapers out, Passing on Important Lessons

Health workers danced and sang in celebration as the DRC discharged its last Ebola patient yesterday, a milestone in the 42-day countdown to declaring the country Ebola-free, ABC News reports.
This landmark achievement is set against a sobering backdrop. It was the DRC’s 10th Ebola outbreak, and the first in an active war zone. It’s also the second-deadliest on record—behind the 2014 West Africa outbreak that killed 5,000 in Liberia alone. There, overcoming mistrust of authorities proved crucial to beating the outbreak, writes Blair Glencorse, executive director of the Accountability Lab, in The Washington Post.
The coronavirus response stands to face similar hurdles. And however different the diseases’ profiles, there is much to learn from Ebola—“and very little of it has to do with health care. The most important lessons relate to trust and governance,” Glencorse writes.

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