Failed Test Spells Missed Opportunity

The US flunked COVID-19’s first test: It hindered rapid testing in the Seattle area, site of the country’s first confirmed case.

Helen Y. Chu, an infectious disease expert, wanted to tap ongoing flu research samples to see if the new coronavirus had spread—but she hit a brick wall trying to get the government approval, the The New York Times reports. Weeks passed, and finally, her team ran its own tests anyway—and learned the virus had already spread.

It was too late.

“It must have been here this entire time,” Chu thought. “It’s just everywhere already.”

The misstep, just one in a series of blunders, knee-capped the US response from the get-go. Weeks later, some states are still fighting to get enough testing kits, making it impossible to pinpoint the spread and scale of the outbreak.

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March 11, 2020

Thats a missed opportunity. I hope the citizenery is aware of this development.

Ethel Mertz
March 11, 2020

Pretty simple, no testing, no problem, eh? How about those pandemic bonds issued by the IMF in 2017, maturing in May-July 2020? If no pandemic is declared, bond holders get their money back. Anyone wanna do a pool on when WHO declares 'pandemic' status!!!???

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