It's Happening Again—Renewed Crisis at the Greek Border

Thousands of desperate asylum seekers are being arrested, shot at, and tear-gassed this week as they attempt to enter Greece by land and by sea. One child has died, according to Médecins Sans Frontières.
Greece has suspended asylum applications and is deporting those who “entered irregularly.”
With 40,000 people trapped on the Greek islands, MSF is calling on EU member states to “evacuate people from the islands to EU countries, deliver an asylum system that works, and stop trapping people in horrific conditions.”
But 4 years after an initial EU-Turkey deal, the situation is threatening to repeat the 2015 refugee crisis—and Europe remains ill-prepared.
Despite years of negotiations, the EU still lacks a common migration policy to manage such an influx; nor have non-border countries done their bit to relieve Greece, Foreign Policy reports.

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