The Old-School Gumshoes Tracking the New Virus

People generally flee epidemic hotspots—the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service does just the opposite, writes medical journalist Seema Yasmin, who was a member of this “elite squad of contagion-hunters.”
They are the disease detectives tracking COVID-19, and their job is the stuff of an old-school detective story—sniffing out “who coughed on who,” tracing contacts and sometimes, finding out who’s lying. More than scientific know-how, social skills and fearlessness are prerequisites.
Once, Yasmin was tasked with tracking an epidemic among inmates in a maximum-security prison. What got her through?
“I wasn’t scared of pathogens or serial killers,” she writes.
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Laureen martel
March 13, 2020

Hi I live in Florida and check this every day. This morning I looked at the chart and Florida was at zero yet if you look at other sources of information the number of cases is up to 42 with three deaths. What is going on? I hope the gum shoes are working the state of Florida because we seem to not be getting information and my understanding is it’s almost impossible to get a test.

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