Pandemic Reaches Overcrowded Prisons

COVID-19 is gaining a foothold in the world’s most overcrowded prison systems, raising grave concern about the spread of the virus in facilities where social distancing can be near impossible.
Venezuela’s notoriously overcrowded prisons are rife with infections—like tuberculosis—which could worsen COVID-19 cases, The New York Times reports.
In the US—which locks up more people than any other country, Vox reports—inmates and staff have tested positive for COVID-19 and cases continue to rise. Prison staff raised the alarm about inadequate support and protective equipment,CNN reports.
One strategy already in play: Releasing nonviolent offenders and those particularly vulnerable to infection—which New York City already plans to do after a Rikers Island prisoner tested positive, BBC reports.

Los Angeles County has cut its prison population by 600 in the past 2 weeks.

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Wardell Gillespie
March 21, 2020

I am not a scientist but I have done work as an analyst. With that in mind I question the death to recovery rates provided. By this I mean that the death and recovery rates outside of China in Europe and other rates run are almost the same. For example: SPAIN: Deaths: 1,093 Recovered: 1,588, ; ITALY Deaths: 4,032 Recovered: 4,440 , etc with fewer infected. Yet in Hubei China the rates are Deaths: 3,139 Recovered: 58,946. To the casual observer like me, something does not jibe. Either there are astronomically more people worldwide that is being reported or medical systems in the west are not coping as well (even with the advanced warning) as the Chinese system.

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