A Virus Structured for Success

There are now 7 types of coronavirus that affect humans including the one that causes COVID-19. Why was SARS-CoV-2 the one to cause a pandemic? Ed Yong explains. 
The virus hasn't even shown any significant mutations—after all, it’s spreading across the globe just fine without them, Ed Yong writes. 
The virus’s “spiky ball” shape offers one clue. Those spikes allow it to stick to a protein on cells’ surface more effectively than other coronaviruses—likely easing person-to-person transmission. 
But many COVID-19 deaths are triggered not by the virus, but by the immune system of the infected “going berserk” in response to it—also known as “cytokine storms.”
The Atlantic

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Dr Murari Barakoti
March 25, 2020

If it is the cytokine storm that is causing the overwhelming inflammatory response, why elderly and immunocompromised are facing the deadliest infection? if cytokine storm is the pathogenic mechanism, it should affect more who have strong immure response like children and young adults. How do you explain for this please?

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