“We Won’t Win Every Battle”

A National Guard soldier informs patients at a coronavirus testing center in New York City, March 28, 2020.  Image: John Moore/Getty
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A National Guard soldier informs patients at a coronavirus testing center in New York City, March 28, 2020. Image: John Moore/Getty

“This is the humanitarian mission of our lifetimes. And we won’t win every battle,” the chief medical officer of a New York City health system wrote to her staff last week. She warned that patients requiring ICU-level care were going to surpass their resources, according to Vox.

It’s happening.

As a supervisor at another New York health system put it: ““ICU is EXPLODING.” She called on surgeons to help out after half the ICU had fallen ill, The New York Times reports.   

Deaths in New York have surpassed 1,000, and cases are nearing 60,000, according to the Times. And the peak is still weeks away.

Novel coronavirus deaths in the US will probably reach 100,000 to 200,000 with millions of cases, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CNN yesterday. US deaths topped 2,300 on Sunday, and the nation can expect thousands of deaths every day, NPRreports. (For perspective, total deaths in China stood at 3,186 today.)

Every US city should prepare for a major outbreak, said Deborah Birx, response coordinator for the White House coronavirus task force, according to HuffPost.

Some US cities are already beginning their own steep ascent in COVID-19 cases. The Detroit area has emerged as one of hotspots, with cases expected to top 10,000 on Wednesday and 25,000 by Sunday, The Detroit Free Pressreports.

Glimmer of Hope: Seattle’s strict containment strategies appear to be having an effect as the number of people a COVID-19 patient infects has dropped, according to the Times.  

India Begs the Poor's Forgiveness  

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked India’s poor for forgiveness as the human toll of the country’s 21-day lockdown came into stark relief, Al Jazeera reports.

For a country with one quarter of the population living below the poverty line, the decision spells hunger for many. Without more aid—beyond a $22.6 billion plan for direct cash transfers and food handouts—the crisis “…will snowball into an economic avalanche, and people will have no choice but to defy orders," warn Nobel prize winners Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo in the Indian Express.

The lockdown set off a crush of migration that caught leaders off guard—and could spread the disease into previously unaffected corners of the sprawling country. It also prompted an outcry from human rights activists. In Bareilly, India, returning migrants were subjected to open spray baths of disinfectant, according to The Hindu.

India has reported 29 COVID-19 deaths and 1,071 known cases as of yesterday, according to the Deccan Chronicle. And doctors across the country interviewed by Bloomberg News see worrying signs of a disaster ahead.

#ModiMadeDisaster was a top trending topic in India on Sunday on Twitter, Al Jazeera reports.

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