Another Treacherous COVID-19 Trait

Evidence is mounting that asymptomatic spread is powering COVID-19’s soaring cases numbers. A new study from Singapore finds that carriers without symptoms may be responsible for ~10% of new infections, the AP’s Mike Stobbe reports.

One case linked a woman’s infection to sitting in a church seat occupied earlier by 2 people who had no symptoms at the time, but later became ill. In another tragic case, highlighted by the New York Times, Seattle area choir members went into a practice feeling fine—but dozens later fell ill, adding to the belief that the virus may be transmitted via aerosols.

That’s troubling news for containment efforts—prompting the CDC to expand its guidance on who is at risk of infection and reconsider guidelines on who should wear a mask.

And a study in Iceland, a leader in early and aggressive testing, revealed 50% of those who tested positive said they were asymptomatic, CNN reports. Iceland’s approach is unusual: Half of the testing is done by a biopharma company, deCODE Genetics, focusing on the the broader population—not just people who are sick or high-risk.

And, more than 90% of transmissions on the island nation have been traced successfully, Iceland Monitor reports. The country is planning to launch an app to help trace the origin of transmissions.

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April 2, 2020

Can centralized air conditioning be an aggravating factor in the spread of coronavirus?

Brad S. As the…
April 2, 2020

Assuming one were to contract CoVid-19 what is the 'regular' course of treatment and/or what wold one do differently compared to coping or dealing with the flu?

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