Anticipating the Next Pandemic

Before COVID-19 brought the world to its knees, the world’s top scientists were well aware of the ‘known unknown’ of a deadly novel disease would eventually reveal itself. The problem was, the powers that be didn’t do much about it.  
How can the world get out in front of the next one? Some promising approaches are already out there, but need more resources.
One of them is panviral vaccines—long considered bad business model—that work against a wide variety of viruses, according to The New York Times Magazine.
One bright spot: COVID-19 has brought an unprecedented will to invest and collaborate against the next pandemic—that must continue, says Peter Daszak of the pandemic-prevention group EcoHealth Alliance.
Harvard Business Review commentary offers some ideas for the US, including an apolitical and objective Pandemic Review Commission packed with scientists and medical professionals—and improving, not destroying the WHO.

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