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The White House released new guidelines yesterday intended to guide reopening decisions, while pro-Trump protesters took to the streets to push back on stay-at-home orders, the AP reports.

President Trump says states with “beautifully low” case counts could lead the way, according to Axios. But hot spots emerging in some of those states—South Dakota, for example—could dampen enthusiasm, Politico notes.

US governors are working out the details (after Trump walked back his “total authority” claims), ABC reports.

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April 17, 2020

Why would you write a negative opinion on your interpretation of something? Seems like the writer is trying to sneak in a mean jab this projecting their feeling about the President onto the readers. News outlets and media should report facts, not opinions.
“ after Trump walked back his “total authority” claims), ABC reports.”
I dislike how the ABC network is using their platform for political gain and persuasion to the public. I find many of the network’s shows that are aired have underlying political opinions that are hidden underlying messages.

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