Does Your Sourdough Starter Have a Soul?

Tedious baking rituals are making a comeback amid COVID-19 lockdowns. And sourdough—born of a precious, living mixture of flour and water—is the star(ter) of the show.

San Franciscans are leaving tins of free sourdough starter on power poles to spread the obsession to more bakers—both delighting and annoying their quarantine companions.

“Please, God, someone do a sport so my boyfriend will stop talking about his sourdough starter,” The Atlantic’s Olga Khazan tweeted.

But while carefully nursing this concoction—naming it, chatting to it, pondering its progress—does anyone ever stop to consider how it feels?

One cerebral starter journaled its feelings in The New Yorker: “Day three: I eat air and I burp air & as I burp I grow and WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT?”

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