Eldercare in Crisis

Feder­­­­al inspectors hav­­­­e identified 9 US nursing homes whose inadequate COVID-19 response put residents in “immediate jeopar­­­­dy,” ProPublica reports.

Inspectors cited a failure to maintain social distancing, inadequate PPE and staffing, and slow responses to residents showing symptoms.

Nursing homes have emerged as ground zero for COVID-19, with more than 10,000 deaths among facility residents—underscoring the industry’s persistent issues of care quality and infection control, says Harvard Medical School’s David Grabowski.

Some care companies have asked for—and been granted—temporary immunity from potential civil lawsuits, NPR reports.

Industry advocates say they should not be held legally responsible for shortcomings like a lack of PPE given the global shortage. But critics say that giving facilities a pass for subpar care is even more inexcusable in a crisis.

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