Falling for Fonda—All over Again

These days everyone—including Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni—is looking for a great home workout. But there’s no need to reinvent the leg lift—just turn to the patron saint of the pastime: Jane Fonda, Women’s Health advises.
Fonda’s iconic 1980s videos feel more fabulously vintage than ever. The joyful “whoops” from her charges. The leg warmers. The belted leotards. Everyone standing REALLY close to one another, blissfully unaware of the pandemic coming in 3+ decades.
You may have forgotten Fonda—but she hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, it appears she’s been working out that whole time. The ever-evolving 82-year-old is now recruiting teens on TikTok for her latest workouts.

No more leg warmers. No more excuses.

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