The First Home-Cut is the Deepest

People worldwide are marking 1 month of lockdown with their first home haircut.

For those used to regular salon visits, this is very hairy territory.  
“Anxiety bangs are never a good idea,” a stylist warned the Mumbai Mirror.
One social distancing protester wants a haircut so badly she’s willing to risk all Americans’ health for a cut-and-color, Newsweek reported.  
What she really needs is a throwback Flowbee—the 1980s vacuum-cleaner attachment for home haircuts that is actually a real product, not just something from Wayne's World. Needless to say, it sucks.
Need more tips? The Onion has some equally feasible solutions for home styling: Blindfold yourself for an added challenge, and don’t forget: “Save any hair you remove in case you want to put it back on.”

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