A Port in the Cytokine Storm?

As COVID-19 cases pile up, doctors have observed a tragic pattern: some patients, even when they’ve begun to feel better, are experiencing a “second week crash.”
Why? The body’s immune system may be overreacting to the virus in what’s called a “cytokine storm.” Researchers are investigating how this process might be triggered in COVID-19 patients—and running clinical trials to find out how existing drugs for suppressing cytokine storms could help COVID-19 patients.
Some coronavirus patients have improved after being treated with anti-inflammatories to counteract the process—but suppressing the immune system carries its own risks.

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Marla Tyndall
April 9, 2020

Has the over counter drugs like a Benadryl been used in treatment of coved-19 to reduce the antibodies causing phlegm in patients?

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