Troubling Studies Tout Nicotine as Potential Treatment

Two “deeply concerning” studies arguing that nicotine may protect users from—and even treat—COVID-19 have circulated in the media without the necessary scrutiny, warns the tobacco watchdog STOP.
Neither study is peer-reviewed. The first was one was based on a non-representative population in a single Paris hospital—the lead author of the second study has deep ties to the tobacco industry.
STOP noted that press coverage of these studies have failed to point out their considerable weaknesses—or reference studies that drew opposite conclusions—potentially spurring the spread of misinformation and panic-buying of nicotine.

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April 30, 2020

The publication of such a study report, at this time of covid-19, is inappropriate and irresponsible on the part of these “researchers”. A great mass of rumors and false information about the drugs that cure covid-19 abound on the net and social networks. But of the wise people that we are, we must remain vigilant to awaken the conscience of our fellow citizens and of the world population in general. Till today, there is not yet a treatment judged scientifically effective against Covid-19 outside of the measurements decreed by the world health organization and recommended by all governments of all countries of the world.
let's stay vigilant!

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