When Staying at Home Isn’t Safe

Stay-at-home orders are leaving domestic violence victims trapped with their abusers.
A new government initiative in France encourages women to use the code word “mask 19” to report domestic abuse to pharmacists, CNN reports. Paris’ lockdown measures were followed by a 36% increase in police interventions for domestic violence incidents.
After New York City was forced to close its Family Justice Centers, visits to the city’s domestic abuse resource website more than doubled, POLITICO reports.
Seattle—one of the first US cities hit hard—tracked a 21% jump in domestic violence reports amid the pandemic, Axios reports.
Some abusers are weaponizing COVID-19 safety measures, keeping their victims from working essential jobs or even accessing soap and hand sanitizer.
But many stuck at home aren’t able to seek help at all—and the true toll likely won’t be revealed until the pandemic is over.

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Elizabeth Varnedoe
April 4, 2020

How can we help?

Gunter Baron
April 5, 2020

Thank you. I am informed.

April 7, 2020

Shameless and Inhuman people, in times of such difficulties for family and partners, Instead of helping each other, people who are indulging in domestic violence should be punished appropriately,

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