America’s Other Contagion: Fear of the Black Man

A spate of horrific incidents has broken through the flood of coronavirus headlines to reveal another contagion: a fear of black men, writes John Blake for CNN

  • George Floyd died in police custody after being pinned down by the neck, sparking violent protests in Minneapolis, as the Star Tribune reports.

  • A white woman informed she was breaking dog leashing rules vowed to tell police about “an African American man threatening my life.”

  • Fury continued over the death of Ahmaud Arbery—a young black runner shot dead by 2 white men in South Georgia.

Knowingly being the object of this fear—even from other black people—creates another set of anxieties for black men, Blake writes. 

There is no simple fix. One thing that may help: white people putting themselves in more situations where they are the only white person in the room, Blake writes.

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