Doomsday Knitters

Who says the apocalypse can’t be cozy?
The pandemic is producing new coronavirus crafters every day, but if your obsessive coronavirus crafting lacks a certain… prepper element, it's "Doomsday Knits" to the rescue. 
Knitter Twitter went wild when Cooperative Press—known for “the best indie knitting”—released a limited print run of the sought-after volume, Craft Industry Alliance reports.
Like any good doomsday preppers, publishers had it in the can well before the crisis. All they had to do was dust off the 8-year-old volume and re-release it.
Among its offerings: A chic head coverlet that pairs perfectly with a gas mask, and the knitted Utility Corset, “ideal for the post-apocalyptic heroine”—aka
moms simultaneously homeschooling while working full time.
More purls of wisdom: If you’re in the market for a woolen broccoli floret or a tiny angora toilet—there’s a knitting pattern for those, and more, on The Toast.

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