Will a Vaccine Face Overwhelming Opposition?

Under an audacious plan known as “Operation Warp Speed,” President Trump has pledged to deliver “hundreds of millions” of COVID-19 vaccine doses by year’s end,STAT reports. If successful, the plan would shock the system of vaccine development, which usually takes years. 
But when the vaccine arrives, will the masses embrace it? 
Anti-vaccine views could dominate online discourse within a decade if their popularity continues apace, according to a new study in Nature that maps engagement among some 100 million followers, Science reports.
The viral “Plandemic” video spouting COVID-19 misinformation was pulled from social media channels—but many still took it seriously, writes Marshall Allen inProPublica.
If the pro-vaccine camp wants to win over hearts and minds, it would do well to create a “movement that is as devoted, as internet-savvy and as compelling as the anti-vaccine movement,” writes Kevin Roose in the New York Times.

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