As Activists Adapt, Local Authorities Heed Their Call

After at least 13 protest participants tested positive for coronavirus, activists in South Carolina are urging demonstrators to get tested before taking to the streets—and some events have been canceled or moved online while organizers evaluate safety measures, The Washington Post reports.  
The renewed caution comes as 29 states report rising 7-day case averages, and new modeling suggests cases are spiking among young people.
Many cities are yet to trace an uptick in cases to mass protests, but epidemiologists warn that protest-related spikes could still appear after the virus’s 14-day incubation period.
As protest organizers reconsider gathering, a growing number of local authorities are taking the major symbolic step of declaring racism a public health crisis.
Among the latest to do so: DallasSan Bernardino, California; and several towns in Connecticut, where advocates are urging the state to follow suit.

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