What’s it like to be a Black scientist in majority-white fields? 6 Black researchers explained the toll of racism on their careers—and the actions they want to see from institutions and white colleagues.
Just a few of their ideas:
Take bold action: “I saw that the University of Minnesota had severed a contract with the city’s police department... because of concerns about violence. Those are bold, immediate actions that get to the root of the problem,” says structural biologist Nikea Pittman.
Diversity means productivity: “Is your university being as diverse as it could be?” is essentially the same as asking, “Is the university being as productive as it could be?” says physicist Mark Richards.
Collaborate: “I say to my white colleagues… you benefit the most from racism and lack of diversity. It is therefore your job to fix the system. But I’ll help you,” says geophysicist Vashan Wright.


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