Glaring Racial Bias in Lockdown Enforcement

The global uprising in response to the police killing of George Floyd has prompted a fresh look at discriminatory law enforcement across the globe. A new report from Amnesty International details how that has extended to COVID-19 lockdowns across Europe.
For Bulgaria’s marginalized Roma people, the lockdown has meant planes flying overhead to “disinfect” communities and disproportionately lengthy quarantines.
That’s just one example of the “marginalisation, stigmatisation and violence” that have marked COVID-19 restrictions enforcement, The Guardian reports.
French officers used racial and homophobic slurs while enforcing lockdown measures. In Paris, majority-black neighborhoods were disproportionately subjected to lengthy curfews, police checks, and fines.
These patterns predate the pandemic, the report notes, highlighting a laundry list of in-custody deaths in years that have been met with a glaring lack of accountability.

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