US Says Goodbye to WHO

Medical and public health experts are warning that President Trump’s decision to sever ties with the WHO will not only endanger the COVID-19 response but will roll back progress against other global health fights like polio, malaria, and vaccine delivery, CNN reports.

It also weakens the US, said former CDC chief Tom Frieden: "Now, China and every other country in the world will have a veto at WHO, and the U.S. won't. This will make the U.S. more vulnerable."

Trump announced Friday that the US would pull out of the WHO because, he said, the organization favors China and is failing to make reforms he demanded amid the COVID-19 pandemic, STAT reports
Long the WHO’s top funder, the US will instead redirect funding to “deserving urgent global public health needs,” Trump said.

Can Trump do this without the blessing of Congress? That’s up for debate—but even if the matter ends up in court, Trump’s decision will stand until a judge rules otherwise, NPR reports

On the same day as Trump’s announcement, 30 countries signed on to the WHO’s new COVID-19 Technology Access Pool, designed to foster collaboration and information-sharing around COVID-19 research and innovations.

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