Cases Soaring, but US Can’t Rise above Partisanship

The US clocked another record-breaking day with 60,500 new COVID-19 infections reported yesterdayaccording to Reuters—the largest one-day increase by any country since the pandemic's emergence.

Yet the political divide deepens, as many Americans in hard-hit states continue to resist embracing precautions like wearing masks.

“You know, we’re putting ourselves at risk and other people aren’t willing to do anything and in fact go the other way and be aggressive to promote the disease. It’s really, it’s really hard,” says Andrew Pastewski, ICU medical director at Jackson South Medical Center in Miami.

Partisanship is hurting the pandemic response, US infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said in a FiveThirtyEight podcast. Some states should consider shutting down again, he told CNN. President Trump hit back with public criticism of Fauci yesterday, telling Fox News that Fauci “has made a lot of mistakes,” NBC reports.

Health workers, meanwhile, are sending out distress signals over hospitals straining to the breaking point. A Florida hospital likened the flood of patients to a "bus accident a day," according to The New York Times. South Carolina is calling up National Guard troops to help insert intravenous lines and take vitals. And hospitals in states including Mississippi, Arizona and California are running out of beds.

The Quote: “I’m glad some of you are sheltered from what unbridled Covid-19 looks like. It’s a hell show,” Richard Loftus, a Los Angeles-area doctor, posted to a Facebook physician group.

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