Kids: Still More Questions Than Answers

In the great debate about school reopening, questions swirl around whether kids can spread the virus to their caregivers.
It’s now known that kids contract COVID-19 more than initially thought. But beyond that, little is known about why they are largely spared the worst outcomes, and whether they can spread it to adults, National Geographic reports.
One theory: Children’s developing immune systems may protect them from the dreaded immune system “cytokine storms” that have killed so many COVID-19 patients.
But if kids truly are less likely to transmit the virus, that would make SARS-CoV-2 an outlier, says Derek Cummings, an emerging pathogens researcher at the University of Florida:

“Every other coronavirus infects kids and transmits among kids,” he adds, “so why would we assume this one doesn't?,” Smithsonian Magazine reports.

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