Malawi Mouse Boys Feed the Soul

Like everything else, NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts are happening remotely.

The latest concert from their global tour: Nelson Mulligo of the Malawi Mouse Boys, holding his homemade guitar and singing, “I'm So Tired of You.”

The song describes “the evils of poverty, a life of hard physical work,” host Bob Boilen explains. He describes how Mulligo and his bandmates eke out a living hunting for mice—competing with boars and snakes—to sell on the roadside as roasted mice shish kabobs.

The band is internationally acclaimed—they played Peter Gabriel's WOMAD festival in 2015—but they still live in poverty. Mulligo’s 2-room home has no running water or electricity.

Even though the song clocks in at nearly 6 minutes, we’ll never tire of it.

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