Pandemic Playlist

Who ever thought that someone offering to “be your Clorox wipe” could basically mean “I love you”? 
This is the world we live in, which unfortunately is not a movie—but it does have a great soundtrack thanks to the doomy dulcet tones of “Quarantine Casanova,” the pandemic EP from the New York-based band Chromeo.
The chill vibes make decent background music; the actual lyrics trigger all kinds of emotions.
 “Roni Got Me Stressed Out” pulls at the heartstrings with an ode to the unused 2020 planner. And “6 Feet Away” cuts to the core of lovers torn apart by the pandemic.
“I can’t see you without my glasses on / you can’t hear me when my mask is on / I panic if I’m not where you are / this pandemic has gone too far.”

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