A World Zoonoses Day Like Never Before

On July 6, 1885, a boy received the first vaccine against rabies.

Now, we mark the historic event with World Zoonoses Day—which feels more relevant than ever this year, with a world unmoored by COVID-19 and an endless parade of other zoonotic threats.

“Not all zoonotic diseases become pandemics, but most pandemics are caused by zoonoses and they have become characteristic of the Anthropocene era,” write the authors of this editorial. Responding, they say, demands a whole-society approach.

One Health experts shared advice on where to start last week:

  • Laws to prevent different animal species mixing

  • Limiting livestock densities

  • High standards of veterinary care

  • Shifting to plant-based foods

The Quote: “COVID-19 will not be the last, and perhaps not the worst, zoonotic pandemic.”

The Lancet (commentary)

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