Saving Lives—and Billions of Dollars

Amanda Mustard for the International Vaccine Access Center
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Amanda Mustard for the International Vaccine Access Center

Even as the pandemic is making it hard for low- and middle-income countries to keep children on schedule with their vaccines, new modeling shows astounding returns on investment in vaccines. 
The Decade of Vaccine Economics (DoVE) Project calculated the ROI for vaccines preventing 10 infectious diseases in scores of countries: 

  • $682 billion saved from 2011–2020 based on treatment costs and lost wages and productivity, New Scientist reports.
  • Using a cost-of-illness model, an ROI of $21 for every dollar invested, according to Gavi.
  • Based on the “value of a statistical life” approach—capturing benefits beyond costs averted and economic productivity—a $54 return on every dollar invested in vaccine programs. 
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