Allegations of Forced Sterilization Stir Dark Memories

More details are emerging about a whistleblower complaint describing a pattern of involuntary hysterectomies of ICE detainees at a Georgia immigration detention center.
A nurse who worked at the facility first raised the alarm about hysterectomies performed by a gynecologist described as “the uterus collector” in the whistleblower complaint.
A former detainee said her fallopian tubes were removed without her consent at the facility, Vox reports.
The allegations quickly stirred memories of America’s long history of forced sterilization of minorities and vulnerable groups under state eugenics sterilization laws, which ultimately became the model for Nazi Germany, CNN reports.
But parallels aren’t proof, notes Alan Kraut of American University—“There needs to be an investigation of who's been mistreated, how they've been mistreated, and whether or not there's anything to this, because it is extremely, extremely serious.”

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