Factory Leak Triggered Brucellosis Outbreak in China

Fumes that leaked from a state-owned animal vaccine plant in Lanzhou, China last year have caused 3,200+ cases of brucellosis, according to an investigation by health authorities released Tuesday, CNN reports.
The highly infectious bacterial disease can cause headaches, muscle pain as well as chronic arthritis and organ swelling.

The factory used expired sanitizers and disinfectants while producing brucella vaccines for use in animals. This allowed contaminated waste gas to be released into the air for nearly a month last summer.

People at a nearby veterinary institute began reporting infections in November, and the outbreak quickly accelerated from there.  

Of 21,847 people tested, 3,245 were positive for brucella bacteria antibodies, suggesting they had breathed in the contaminated air, South China Morning Post reports.

Those affected have been given free health screenings and promised financial compensation.

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