Money Can’t Buy the Best COVID-19 Response

There’s a lot of news about which countries’ COVID-19 responses are falling flat.  
But in a briefing yesterday, WHO called out countries’ successes, singling out Thailand, Mongolia, Mauritius, and others.
As Amy Maxmen tweeted, “humility in leadership” was marked out as a key asset.
Take Senegal, where President Macky Sall led by example, self-isolating after being exposed to the virus, USA Today reports.  

  • Aggressive steps—swiftly enacting curfews, deploying experience from Ebola, and consistent communication—made the country’s response a standout, despite its fragile health care system.

  •  Flanked by wealthier nations, Senegal came second in a Foreign Policy analysis of 36 countries’ response efforts. The US came in at 31.  

The global response is also under review: This week, a new WHO committee will convene to evaluate how the International Health Regulations—“the most important legal instrument in global health security”—have fared during the pandemic.

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