Reframing the Conversation on NCDs

The global agenda on noncommunicable diseases and injuries needs an urgent upgrade to meet the needs and rights of the “poorest billion,” according to a new report from The Lancet NCDI Poverty Commission.
The report “challenges the current narrow framing” that treats NCDs as the product of aging, lifestyle choices, affluence, and urbanization, write Karen Sliwa and Magdi Yacoub in an accompanying commentary.
For example: Why the focus on aging, when around half of the NCDI burden among the poorest billion falls on children and young adults?
Potential solutions for this “constellation of afflictions” have placed an outsize focus on changing human behavior, instead of taking on the root causes of inadequate resources to enable healthy lifestyles.
Another Urgent Issue: NCDIs account for the largest health financing gap in poor countries, “making a mockery of international commitments to universal health coverage.”

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