A Barking Mad Halloween

If pets aren’t already sick of their humans after months of one-on-one time, they sure will be after this Halloween.
Turns out, people are compensating for a bummer Halloween by going extra ham dressing up their pets—and in some cases, their actual house.
Because for some, finding “a little joy” in dark times means turning their terrier into a turkey, or forcing them to pay homage to a known enemy: the mailman.
“Several dogs will make their debuts in hot dog costumes this year, while dinosaur, pumpkin, and witch were also popular choices,” Business Insider explains with a straight face.
And of course, things can get heated: A Labradoodle dressed as a single kernel of popcorn is currently leading Cleveland’s closely watched pet costume contest. Will Floyd be inched out by a Shiba Inu dressed as President Trump?

Watch this space and cast your vote… it’s not like you have other plans.

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