Can Synthetic Antibodies Stop COVID-19?

This is good news: A cocktail of synthetic antibodies has shown promising, early results for beating back the coronavirus in patients that aren’t yet seriously ill.
The monoclonal antibodies—synthetic versions of immune system proteins—attach to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and work to block it from infecting cells, Science reports.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals announced the results of the ongoing, unpublished study in a webcast.
The treatment worked best in patients with the highest levels of the virus who had not yet mounted an immune response.
The Rub: COVID-19 patients aren’t routinely tested for antibodies or viral load, raising tough questions about how to identify the right patients for the treatment.
Another Hurdle: Scaling production if the drugs go mainstream. “… These are expensive, injectable drugs synthesized by living organisms in specialized reactors, at a biological cadence that can’t be rushed,” The Washington Post reports.

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