Europe’s Slide into Peril

Europe is on the precipice of a perilous winter as the continent notched a record +1.3 million new cases in the past week and countries scrambled to enact new restrictions, NPR reports.

While the surge is accelerating, it hasn't been sudden: Europe's 14-day case notification rate has been rising for 91 days, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Country Updates:

  • France: The number of new cases per day in France could be 100,000—double the official figure, according to Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, head of a scientific council advising the government, Reuters reports.
  • Poland: President Andrzej Duda is the latest national leader to report testing positive for virus (the 48 year old says he’s feeling “good”), according to the BBC.
  • Belgium: 20,000 new infections per day are expected this week, The Brussels Times reported Friday. At least 1% (and perhaps 3% or 5%) of Belgians have been infected in the previous 10 days.
  • Spain: To rein in the fast-spreading coronavirus, the government declared a national emergency yesterday with a night curfew starting at 11 p.m., the BBC reports.

Governments are turning to curfews and other social limits in an attempt to avoid full lockdowns. 

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