“Gloomy” Donald McNeil Is Optimistic?

After months of covering the gloomiest of COVID-19 forecasts, Donald G. McNeil, Jr has “become cautiously optimistic” about the trajectory of the pandemic in the US.

That’s not discounting the tragedy thus far, nor a potentially grim fall and winter. But, he argues: 

  • Americans know what they have to do—“hunker down,” wear masks. 
  • Lifesaving lessons are being learned all the time.
  • Nursing homes have learned to better protect their residents.
  • Monoclonal antibodies are evolving as one of the most promising treatment possibilities.
  • Experts predict that by next June, there will be enough vaccine doses for all 330 million Americans.

Plus: The flu/COVID-19 “twindemic” may not be the nightmare it was forecast to be.
The New York Times

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