Legacy of Racism Could Slow Vaccine Rollout

Almost half of Black American adults say they’ll pass on a COVID-19 vaccine even if it were free and deemed safe, according to a new poll from The Undefeated and Kaiser Family Foundation.
The findings underscore the past and present impact of systemic racism in the medical establishment—and the need for credible outreach efforts to seed trust in an eventual vaccine, Axios reports.
Among Black adults: 

  • 40% cited safety concerns

  • 35% had a general mistrust of the medical establishment

  • 65% doubted that the vaccine process considered the needs of Black people

The root of this mistrust goes well beyond the COVID-19 vaccine: “Redlining, pollution, the fact that we have fewer parks and recreational activities in our neighborhoods. Our schools not receiving as much funding, all plays a role,” Dr. Leo Moore, a public health physician in Los Angeles, tells The Undefeated.

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