‘Near-Total’ Lack of Transparency in Vaccine Race

The title says it all: “Whoever Finds a Vaccine Must Share It.”
But in the high-stakes race for a COVID-19 vaccine, there are major barriers to achieving equitable access, warns a new Human Rights Watch report.
While governments are funneling public money into the vaccine search, there is a “near-total lack of transparency” about the terms of that spending.
One Certainty: The competition for access is fierce. High-income countries representing just 13% of the global population have reserved 51% of the doses from several top candidates. 

And while low-income countries have flagged intellectual property barriers to scaling and sharing a vaccine, most governments are avoiding the issue. 

The Timeline: The goalposts keep moving—a stark reminder that while the scientific process can be expedited, it doesn’t stick to hard deadlines, STAT reports.
Example: Pfizer gave itself an October deadline to prove its candidate’s efficacy, but admitted Tuesday that they still don’t know if it works, POLITICO reports.

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