No, Twinkies Aren't Immortal

In 2012, Colin Purrington bought a box of Twinkies and stashed them in the basement—until the pandemic hit, and he became desperate for dessert and also “just so bored,” NPR reports.
He found the squirreled-away Twinkies in varied states of disrepair—surprising for a food long believed to be indestructible, Mental Floss reports.
Two looked strange. One had a blemish. The pièce de résistance: A Twinkie transformed into a gray, shrunken mass.
While most would retch at the sight, a pair of enterprising fungi researchers spotted a “wonderful, rare event” and set out to identify what felled the hardy treat. Purrington was happy to turn it over: “I really want to know what species exactly was eating my Twinkies.”

So far, the tricky Twinkie hasn't revealed its fungal offender—but the scientists won't be giving up anytime soon. Stay tuned.

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